★ Age/Years :

Victorian : 1832-1901

Anglo Saxon : 450-1066

Elizabethan : 1558-1603

Renaissance : 1500-1660

Romantic age : 1798-1830

Romantic : 1798-1832

Modern : 1901-1939

Post Modern : 1939

Shakespeare: Elizabeth age (1564-1616)

Churchill got Nobel: 1953

Novel award introduced in Literature: 1901

TS Eliot born : 1888

★ Age/Period

Golden age: Elizabeth I age

Mid English Period: 1066-1500

Modern Poet: TS Eliot

Oldest Period: Anglo Saxon

Romantic Age Poet: J Keats, Wordsworth

Romantic Period: 1798-1830

Shakespeare lived: Elizabeth Reign

Victorian age Poet: Robert Browning

Victorian period: 19th century

★ Types

Shakespeare : Plays/Drama

Bertrand Russel : Philosopher(UK)

Charles Dickens : Novelist

Goethe (Poet) : Germany

O Henry famous : Short history

Same period belong : ST Colidge + Wordworth

Epic Poet :John Milton, Lord Tennyson

William Hazlitit : Essayist

Francis Bacon : Essayist

Lucy Poem : Wordsworth

Charles Lamb : Essayist

Lyciday : J Milton

George Barnard Shaw : Play Writer

★ English Literary Terms:

A Fantasy: Imaginary Story

Achilles: Greek Fighter

Ballad: Short narrative poem

Catastrophe: The tragic end of dramatic events

Lexicographer: Dictionary Writers

Limerick: Short form of light verse

Melodrama: Play: Violent & Sensational themes

Novel: Latin word

Ode – a lyric poem, often in the form of an address.

Opera – a musical drama.

Parody – imitation of a poem or a writing.

Penny dreadful – blood and thunder tales.

Plagiarism – act of stealing from the writing of others.

Protagonist – the leading character in a play / novel.

Rhetoric – the art of persuasive impressive speaking / writing.

Rhyme – short poem in same sound.

Satire – The literary art that uses honour and wit to attack and expose human folly and weakness.

Sonnet – a poem of fourteen lines.

Thrillers – sensational stories

Renaissance: The revival of life

Romantic Poetry feature: Subjectivity

Romanticism: Love & Beauty

To Daffodils: Short lived human life

★ Books & writers Name

A Brief History of Time-Stephen Hawking

A Farewell to Arms-Earnest Hemingway

A Long Walk to Freedom-Nelson Mandela

A Midsummer’s Nights Dream-William Shakespeare

A pair of Blue Eyes-Thomas Hardy

A Passage to India-E. M. Forster

Adonis-P. B Shelly

Akbar Nama-Abul Fazal

All’s Well that Ends Well-William Shakespeare

Andrea Del Sarto (Poem)-Browning

Animal Farm-George Orwell

Anna Karenina-Leo Tolstoy

Around the World in Eighty Days→ Jules Verne

As You Like it-William Shakespeare

Asian Drama-Gunner Myrdal

Blue Bird-Lord Alfred Tennyson

Caesar and Cleopatra-George Bernard Shaw

Canterbury Tales-Geoffrey Chaucer

Cesar and Cleopatra (Play)-G.B Shaw

Comedy of errors-Shakespeare

Crime and Punishment-Dostoevsky

Das Capital-Karl Mark

David Copperfield-Charles Dickens


Dictionary-Samuel Johnson

Discovery of India-Johor Lal Nehru

Divine Comedy-Dante

Don Juan-Lord Byron

Dr. Faustus-Christopher Marlowe

Emma-Jane Austen

For Whom the Bell Tolls-Earnest Hemingway

Freedom-Bertrand Russell

Friends not Masters- Gen Ayub Khan

God of the Small Things-Arundhuty Roy

Great Expectations-Charles Dickens

Gulliver’s Travels-Jonathan Swift

Hamlet- Shakespeare

Hamlet-William Shakespeare

Heaven and Earth-Lord Byron

If Winter comes (Poem)- Shelley


In Memoriam-Lord Alfred Tennyson

India Wins Freedom-Abul Kalam Azad

Isabella-John Keats

Julias Caesar (Tragedy)- Shakespeare

Jungle Book-Rudyard Kipling

King Lear- Shakespeare (tragedy)

Kubla Khan- ST Coleridge

Leaves of Grass- Walt Whitman

Lycidas-John Milton

Macbeth-William Shakespeare

Main Kemp-Ad loaf Hitler

Man and Superman-George Bernard Shaw

Marriage and Moral-Bertrand Russell

Measure and Measure-William Shakespeare

Memories of the Second World War-Winston Churchill

Merchant of Venice (Comedy)- Shakespeare

Mother-Maxim Gorky

Ode to the West Wind-P.B Shelly


Of human bondage- Somerset Maugham

Oliver Twist-Charles Dickens

Origin of Species-Charles Darwin

Othello-William Shakespeare

Paradise Lost- J. Milton

Paradise Regained- Milton

Passage to India-E.M Forster

Pilgrim’s Progress-John Bunyan


Prelude-William Wordsworth

Pride and Prejudice- John Austin


Rape of the Lock-Alexander Pope


Robinson Crusoe-Daniel Defoe

Romeo and Juliet-William Shakespeare

Roots-Alex Haley

Samson Agonists-John Milton Das

Scholar Gipsy-Matthew Arnold

Sense and Sensibility-Jane Austen

Seven Seas-Rudyard Kipling

Silent Women-Ben Jonson

Solitary Reaper- William Wordsworth

Songs of innocence- William Blake

Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow-D.H Lawrence

Tempest-William Shakespeare

Tess of the D’Urbervilles-Thomas Hardy

The 2nd world- Winston Churchill

The Alchemist-Ben Jonson

The diamond necklace (Short story)- Maupassant

The God of Small things- Arundhuti Roy

The Good Earth- Pearl S Buch (USA)

The Iliad- Homer

The Merchant of Venice-William Shakespeare

The new testament- John Wycliffe

The Old Man and The Sea-Earnest Hemingway

The picture of Dorain Gray- Oscar Wild

The Rainbow (Novel)- Lawrence

The Rape of the Lock-Alexander Pope

The Return of the Native-Thomas Hardy

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Animal Farm-George Orwell

The sacred flame- William Somerset Mengham

The Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickens

The Taming of shrew- Shakespeare

The Time Machine- H.G Wells

The Waste Land (Poem)- TS Eliot

The Way of the World-William Congreve

Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe

Time Machine-H. W Wells

To Skylark-P. B Shelly

Tom Jones-Henry Fielding

Top Secret-Henry Fielding

Try and Try Again-W.E Hick son

Twelfth Night-William Shakespeare

Ulysses (Novel)- Jmaes Joyces

Utopia-Sir Thomas Moore

Vanity Fair-W.M Thackeray

Volpone-Ben Jonson

Voyage of Lilliput-Jonathon Swift

Waiting For Goddot-Samuel Becket

War and Peace-Leo Tolstoy

Wealth and Nation-Adam Smith

West Land-T.S Eliot

Wuthering Heights-Emile Bronte


Adam – Paradise Lost – J Milton (Epic)

Alice – Lewis Carrol

Ancient Mariner – ST Colridge.

Cleopatra – Othello (Tragedy) – Shakespeare

Hctor – Illiard (Epic) – Homer

Ivanhoc – Ivanhoe – Walter Scott

James Bond – Ian Fleming

Jeeves – Woodhouse

Kim – Kipling

Machbeth – Machbeth (Tragedy) – Shakespeare

Micawber – David Coperfield – Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist – Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens

Sherlock Homes – Conan Doyle (Novel)s

Shylock – The Merchant of Venice (Comedy ) – Shakespeare

★ Quotations:

A thing of beauty is joy forever =Jonh Keats = Endymion

Beauty is truth-=Jonh Keats=Ode on a greacion keats

Behold her…single in the field=W. Wordsworth

Blow blow the winter wind=W shakespeare

Come live with me and be my love=Christopher marlow

Cowards die many time before their death = Shakespeare=Julias Caesar

England expects every man to do his duty=Nelson

Give me a good mother, I will give u a good nation=Nepoleon

Good face is the best letter of recommendation=Queen Elizabeth

He prayeth best who loveth best=ST Colridge =The Anci Marine

If winter comes can spring befar behind=PB Shelley=Ode to the west wind

If winter comes=PB Shelley=Ode to west wind

Justice delayed is justice denied=Gladstone

Oh lift me as a wave a leaf a cloud I blees=PB S.Shelley=Ode to the wesr wind

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of a saddesr thought=

Some book are to be tasted=Princess Bacon=of study

There are more thing in heaven and earth=Shakespaere=Hamlet ar charater

There is a divinity that shapes our ends= shakespeare=hamlet

To be or not to be that is the question= shakespeare=Hamlet

To err is human to forgive is divine=Alexander Pope

We look before and after=PB Shelley

★ কে কোন যুগের সাহিত্যিক? (শর্টকাট)

# Romantic Period:

“Australia ও Scotland এর Blake Keats রা Shelley কে Wordsworth বলে Call করে”।

বিস্তারিত :

Australia= Austen

Scotland = Walter Scott

Blake = William Blake

Keats = John Keats

Shelley = P.B Shelley

Wordsworth = William Wordsworth

Call = ST Coleridge

# Modern Period:

“Lawrence এর Maugham Forster বলে, Yes (Yeats), Hemingway Well keeping করে।”

বিস্তারিত :

Lawrence = D.H Lawrence

Maugham = Somerset Maugham

Forster = E.M Forster

Yes (Yeats) = W. B. Yeats

Hemingway = Earnest Hemingway

keeping = Rudyard Kipling

# Renaissance Period:

Henry Wife (Wyatt) Moore Swovy ডাকে।

বিস্তারিত :

Henry = O Henry

Wife (Wyatt)

It’s interesting !

1789 : French Revolution

1798 : Romantic period of English Literature started

1879 : Birth of Edward Forster

1888 : Birth of T.S Eliot

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